Scientist have won the Noble Prize for the research on peptides

Evaluation of Peptides

“Bioactive peptides are extremely active and diverse.”
——President of the American Society for International Research on Skin Aging: Nicola Peliza, MD

“Small molecular active peptide therapy will increase human life span by at least 20 years.”
——Famous American biologist: Dr. Kratz

Human Body Cells are made up of Peptides

Replenishing Peptide = Replenishment of Overall Health and Life

Peptides – The “Commander” of Life

The secretion cycle of peptides in the human body

After the age of 25, the secretion of peptides decreases at a rate of 15% every 10 years in the human bodies.

1)Optimal Secretion of Peptide (25 years old and below): Strong Immune System. Does not fall sick easily.

2)Nominal secretion of Peptide (30-50 years old): Body’s tissues and organs starts to deteriorate with age. After the age of 45, the skin loses its elasticity, reproductive glands becomes dysfunctional which leads to emergence of health issues.

3)Inadequate Secretion of Peptide (50 years old and above): Insufficient production of peptides leads to a prominent aging symptoms and diseases.

4)Cessation of Peptide Secretion (Elderly People): Cell functions diminishes slowly, leading to organ failures and worst case, death.

Peptides - Leading the Nutrition Revolution in the 21st Century

Moving forward to Peptide Era
Due to its small molecular characteristics, it promotes direct absorption and transportation of nutrients to the body, is highly soluble, does not require digestion and can be utilized easily by the cells.


Protein (Amino Acid ≥51, Molecular Weight ≥5000 Dalton)

Polypeptides (Amino Acid 11-50, Molecular Weight ≤5000 Dalton)

Oligopeptides (Amino Acid 2-10, Molecular Weight ≤1000 Dalton)

Amino Acid (Amino Acid 1, Molecular Weight 110 Dalton)

The molecular weight of NANOPEPTIDE is 250 Daltons. It is a small molecule oligopeptide of the highest quality and the latest technology. It does not need to be digested and can be completely absorbed by the human body.

Regain Health Towards Life Eternity

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